Across the UK, the Alliance Française and Institut Français network brings the very best of French language and culture to your community.

The Alliance Française and Institut Français centres strive to offer  excellent language courses, exciting cultural events and stimulating collaborations. It can make the English Channel feel a lot thinner. So whether you’re stuck for words after “Bonjour” or want to keep up to date with the latest buzz in the world of French cinema, we extend our warmest “Bienvenue” to you. Each year, thousands of people are attracted by the quality of our services, so why not give us a try?

Map of our network in the UK

The Fondation was created in 2007 and recognised as a public-interest body. It acts as an umbrella to the worldwide Alliance Française network, supporting over 800 branches in 135 countries. The Fondation guarantees quality and consistency in the French learning and strive to guide all the organisations in the network to offer the best possible French experience.